05 May 2014
10:30 - 11:45
Eight Members Club, 1 Change Alley
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About the Event

When repairing the pensions deficit, what is the right combination of investment return versus sponsor contributions? Are there ways in which more optimal combinations can be explored and agreed that better balance trustees' and sponsors individual concerns and circumstances?

Over the past year, the Pensions Regulator has signalled a shift in its approach to regulating the funding of the defined benefit pension schemes, indicating that trustees should be more flexible in agreeing funding plans with their sponsors and take account of each side's individual circumstances. This shift follows a call to action by the UK Chancellor. In 2013, George Osborne proposed a new statutory objective for the Pensions Regulator: to minimise, in the exercise of its functions on scheme funding arrangements, any adverse impact on the sustainable growth of the sponsoring employer.

Against this backdrop, a key question that trustees and sponsors alike are asking is how much of the repair of the deficit can be covered by expected investment return and how much can and should be covered by sponsor contibutions.

In this teach-in, Redington and Sackers & Partners LLP will cover  

  • How integrating funding with investment may benefit both schemes and employers
  • What the Pensions Regulator's statutory objective means for setting recovery plans   
  • The different levers available to repair pensions deficits   
  • A framework to assess the mmost appropriate combinaation of contributions, returns and full funding date. 

At the end of the teach-in, attendees will have gained a better understanding of  

  • The background to the Pensions Regulator's new scheme funding proposals   
  • The levers available to set appropriate recovery plans without taking undue risk
  • Why integrating funding and investment decisions helps both schemes and sponsors
  • How and appropriate framework can be set up to find the best fit between the different levers
  • The key elements to creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders


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