08 Dec 2015
16:00 - 18:00
Austin Friars House, 2-6 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HD

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Gavyn Davies: Economic and Financial Markets Outlook 

Neil Williams: Global Economic Outlook

Gurji Dehl: Macro Overview - Implications for Pension Schemes [Prezi] [PDF


Following on from January 2014’s Macro Overview teach in, Gavyn Davies (Chairman, Fulcrum Asset Management) and Neil Williams (Group Chief Economist, Hermes) will return to give an exclusive update on 8th December and you’re invited to join.

Various macro-economic scenarios are plausible - will we see a return to low and stable inflation, or will disinflationary trends continue?  And what might it mean for UK pension schemes?

Last time, Gavyn and Neil discussed The End of QE – Is it nigh and what might it mean for markets? We’ll see if their predictions were accurate and what they feel the future holds. Are we out of the woods? We are certainly at a crossroads, where each possible direction will have a meaningful impact on schemes’ funding levels. How can pension schemes plan for the best but prepare for the worst?

Hear Gavyn’s and Neil’s thoughts on:

  • Outlook for G7, China and Europe
  • Possibility of recession risks
  • Impact of the Emerging Markets’ shock on Developed Markets
  • How far the Fed and other central banks will feel able to tighten

In addition, Gurjit Dehl (Creative Economist, Redington) will look at possible economic scenarios and analyse their potential impact on scheme funding levels.

We’re looking to keep the format slightly more informal and interactive, replacing the usual Q&A with a chance to discuss the implication for pension schemes.



4.00 pm – Registration and refreshments

4.30 pm – Presentations (Neil Williams, Gavyn Davies, Gurjit Dehl)

5.15 pm – Break

5.30 pm – Discussion

6.00 pm – Close, followed by drinks and networking