24 Mar 2014
18:00 - 19:30
Eight Members Club, 2 Change Alley
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About the Event

How can you tell if your investment benchmarks are right for you? And what are the best practices to ensure they are fit-for-purpose? 

Benchmarks play a crucial role in the investment process by helping to define various parts of the investment universe. They help investors to allocate assets, define mandates for managers and also to measure performance. However, they are not all created equal and it is important to ensure the benchmarks used are appropriate for the need. For example, inaccurate or inconsistent benchmarks can lead to poor decisions down the line.

With an ever-expanding universe of investment assets and strategies, it's vital that the availability of benchmarks keeps pace with those developments, without sacrificing the robustness that has made them key pillars of any investment strategy.


In this teach-in, Redington and MSCI cover:

  • the importance and evolution of benchmarks               
  • best practices for building benchmarks               
  • how benchmarks are evolving to allow new investment approaches such as smart beta and risk factor investing               
  • how benchmarks can be used across multiple asset classes

At the end of the teach-in

  • why benchmarks are important and their design is crucial
  • how to evaluate the appropriateness of benchmarks in use
  • new innovations in index development            



16.00 Registration and Refreshments

16.30 Presentation, Q&A

17.30 Close


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