Redington Technology

We exist for one purpose. Making 100 million people financially secure. We achieve this with a mix of passion and cutting-edge technology.

Our team of technology experts have deep technical and domain knowledge and work in a collaborative and agile manner with our technology clients. We make sure that change is delivered quickly and efficiently, to move the dial and deliver tangible benefits.

Redington’s FinTech software, called ADA, gives you robust, scalable platforms so there’s no need to create in house research capability. Our cloud first development approach and use of artificial intelligence technologies from global software companies gives you access to the best tech around.

ADA puts you in control of the decisions that matter in your world, while removing the noise of those who don’t. From visualising funding level deficits and cashflows to understanding the investment governance process that sits behind fund manager selection, ADA sits at the heart of your team and facilitates smarter decision-making.



ADA { Research

ADA { Research puts  investment professionals in control of their research process by providing a domain specific research, data and document management tool.



ADA { Advisory

ADA { Advisory is an online tool for delivering pension scheme analysis and reporting. The aim is to accelerate the decision-making process by testing the impact of changes to investment strategy in “real time”.



ADA { Risk Analytics 

ADA { Risk Analytics is an asset allocation and liability modelling tool used internally to produce risk analysis for our clients.



ADA { Member Analytics 

ADA { Member Analytics is an interactive investment modeller that provides real-time analysis of the impact of different investment strategies on a defined contribution (DC) pension schemes members.


ADA { Transparency 

ADA { Transparency is a pension, investment and platform costs & value analysis tool. It allows clients to identify all the costs being paid to support the delivery of a pension scheme; benchmark those costs; and, determine whether value is being provided.