1. How can a pension scheme navigate its way through the unexpected? 

    The eighth edition of OUTLINE explains how trustees and sponsors can deal with unintended consequences for their schemes.

    10 short and snappy articles cover topics including:

    • Why active equities can still succeed
    • How to keep calm when dealing with market volatility
    • The benefits and components of a diversified liquid portfolio
    • An update on attractive opportunities in liquid and illiquid credit


    We explain how longevity hedging exercises without fully integrating investment strategy and other risk management decisions can result in unseen consequences. 

  2. Following on from our Asset Class Unconference in February of this year, the seventh edition of Outline continues to bring you insight in a short and crisp format. Whether you are simply a curious reader or an institutional investor, the 9 featured articles are written to engage and inform.

    Inside you will find:

    • The pros and cons of taking an annuity
    • How best to manage your governance
    • Our thoughts on dealing with a star fund manager leaving
    • Withholding tax on overseas equities
    • Applying DB asset allocation to DC accumulation

    And much more! We hope you enjoy.

  3. The sixth edition of OUTLINE features ten bitesize articles designed to help institutional investors to measure and manage risks and returns.

    This edition includes:

    • 14 lessons from a former pension fund CEO and CIO.
    • Our thoughts on fiduciary management and its alternatives.
    • An overview of a key macroeconomic and pensions risk.
    • Dealing with The Pensions Regulator’s new scheme funding code.
    • Ways in which investors can protect portfolios against downside equity risks.
    • Ways to enhance returns from liquid and illiquid credit opportunities.


  4. This, the fifth edition of OUTLINE, features ten short articles by Redington consultants about key issues for institutional investors today.

    Read about these topics in 500 words:

    • The future of pensions policy.
    • The complexities of running a pension scheme and how technological advances can help.
    • Effect of differing gilt and swap rates on liability hedging.
    • Redesigning fund management around outcomes.
    • Review of asset classes in 2013.
    • An overview of the global macro environment.
  5. This, the fourth edition of OUTLINE, features ten short articles by Redington consultants about key issues facing institutional investors today.

    Read about:

    • Building pensions "Superteams".
    • Helping trustees and sponsors work together with an integrated funding and investment framework.
    • Implications of longevity assumption changes for liabilities and investment strategy.
    • Advantages of investing in equities.
    • Yesterday's Alpha becoming today's Beta.
  6. The third edition of OUTLINE, Redington's quarterly collection of thought-pieces designed to help institutional investors make smarter and more informed decisions.

    This edition includes:

    • A big picture overview of the pension crisis.
    • The effect of caps and floors on hedging inflation risk.
    • Our thoughts on investment grade credit and trend following strategies.
    • Some options for even more unconventional monetary policy.


  7. The second edition of OUTLINE features articles on the key topics and opportunities we think institutional investors should be considering as they aim to meet their goals.

    In this edition, you'll find:

    • Our thoughts on the DWP's smoothing consultation.
    • Alternatives to the Equity Risk Premium.
    • Risk-controlled strategies for DB and DC. 
    • An example of dyamic risk management in practice.