Education & Research

Clients would derive little value from Redington’s abilities if the delivery of our service was not equally high in quality. A consultant’s role is not just to be knowledgeable, responsive and innovative, but to deliver that expertise in a way that works for clients and a way that they understand and respond to. We are dedicated to excellence in communication, research and education.

In order to start conversations within the insitutional investor community, we put out a number of influential publications in 2013. Below is a list of regular Redington publications that clients have asked us to continue producing.


RedViews are individual thought pieces, usually between 800 and 2500 words long, written by Redington consultants or analysts on an area of their particular expertise or a hot topic in pensions and investment that clients believe is worth exploring in detail. They’re longer and more formal than a blog, but shorter than a research paper. They come out once a month or so, as needed, and make for great reading on the train. RedViews >


RedVision is a weekly summary of key investment figures that those running pension funds or a set of long dated liabilities and assets find useful. It is just a couple of pages long and covers Equities, Credit, Inflation and Interest Rate markets. RedVision >


OUTLINE is a quarterly publication that features ten short articles on key pensions topics. All are under 500 words, so we are forced to be concise and the reader gets to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. OUTLINE >

Risk-Adjusted Return

This quarterly update on the risk-adjusted performance of assets for pension funds is regularly featured on Ken Akoundi’s Investor DNA round up newsletter. These are possibly the most important 3 pages of the quarter. Risk Adjusted Return >

Asset Class

We believe that problems get solved when everyone mucks in and offers their best ideas. Each year, we put our best ideas about how pension funds can meet their funding goals into Asset Class and hope to start a conversation. The best and brightest are featured in this annual publication, and it provides fabulous magazine-style reading for the train. By reading the progression of Asset Class publications, it is possible to see how Redington’s thinking has evolved in recent years, in reaction to changing conditions. Asset Class >

Recent Presentations

Our best work goes to our clients. We repurpose as much of it here as possible, and post it on Slideshare for all to access. 


RedAcademy is a series of educational videos and resources hosted online for all to access. Some are relevant to those running pension funds or other long dated assets and liabilities, some are relatively high level and aimed at an audience with a financial background, and some are introductions to financial topics aimed at those just starting out in the pensions and investment space. RedAcademy >


“Friendly informative communication of complex topics in a particularly simple and easy to understand manner.” -Chris Andrew, Trustee, Philips Pension Fund