On the Agenda

Clients of Redington expect their consultants to be on top of all major movements in the pensions and investment industry, and to have to hand a range of possible solutions to any particular challenge they face.

At any one time, particular ideas, trends or developments occupy the consultants' thoughts. Here, we list some items on our agenda that consultants are currently discussing with their clients.


Risk Controlled Investment Strategies

BLOG Dan Mikulskis: Interest in Vol Control Equity Strategies Grows

BLOG Aniket Das: Multi Asset in Vogue


PRESENTATION Risk Premia Investing

CASE STUDY Volatility Controlled Equities


Integrated Funding and Investment Framework

PRESENTATION Balancing Risk, Return and Sponsor Contributions

PRESENTATION Repairing the Deficit Using an Integrated Funding and Investment Risk Management Framework

BLOG John Towner: An integrated approach to investment and funding



Illiquid Credit

PRESENTATION Opportunities in Illiquid Credit

BLOG Conrad Holmboe: The Balancing Act - Reinvestment Risk vs. Illiquidity Risk

BLOG Pete Drewienkiewicz: FAQs on Illiquid Credit


Preparing for Central Clearing

BLOG Tom McCartan: Central Clearing - Collateral Management for the Future

BLOG Conrad Holmboe: Q. - To Centrally Clear or Not?

BLOG Kenny Nicoll: Dodd-Frank - October sees market swerve to avoid London branches

PRESENTATION Central Clearing - Implications for Collateral Management



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