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 “iRIS provides us with an overview of the risks we are running. This monthly report allows us to monitor critical components of our scheme, such as asset allocation, funding level, liquidity and collateral requirements. It’s a useful addition in the armoury of the investment committee and aids informed decision making.” – Sharonjit Clare, Pensions Manager, SPT Telent 1972 Pension Scheme


A SatNav for pension funds on web and tablet.

iRIS is a monthly or quarterly report delivered via email, web or tablet, that, in conjunction with Step 1 of the 7 Steps to Full Funding™, the Pensions Risk Management Framework, works like a SatNav for pension funds.


The Report

Valuation and Performance

Including updates on the Funding Level, Flight Plan Analysis, Road Map and Return Attribution

Risk Analysis

Including updates on Value at Risk, Risk Tracker, Required Return at Risk, Funding Ratio at Risk

Asset Allocation

Including updates on the Scheme’s Assets, as well as Expected Returns

Sensitivity Analyses

Including PV01 Analysis; Stress Test results; Collateral, Counterparty and Liquidity Analyses; and Convexity Analysis.

Market Diary

Each report closes with a brief update on significant market movements and a Glossary of Terms.


The Difference

Like other monitoring systems, iRIS provides

iRIS is different because it provides

An up to-date picture of the Scheme’s position.

Holistic integration with the scheme’s overall Pensions Risk Management Framework and its goals and constraints, giving clear calls to action for how to stay on track.

Analysis detailing the Scheme’s sensitivities to interest rate, inflation, credit and longevity changes.

Identification of the sources and drivers of risk and return, allowing stakeholders to not just track performance, but make informed decisions on the basis of on the basis of key factors such as asset allocation, funding level, liquidity and collateral requirements.

An overall view of the assets and liabilities, together and separately.

Award-winning ALM analysis of a pension fund’s progress towards its objectives that lets stakeholders be agile and take advantage of new market opportunities as they arise, within the constraints of their Pensions Risk Management Framework.


With a clear destination programmed in, iRIS constantly recalculates a pension fund’s route given current conditions and provides clear calls to action to get back on track and reach goals.


 “Receiving iRIS enables the Trustee Board to regularly monitor the scheme’s exposure to key risks such as interest rate, inflation, equity and credit risk through multiple lenses. Knowing that our entire board is up to speed on the on-going state of our scheme strengthens our governance structure and enables us to make informed decisions in a timely manner.” – Chris Wagstaff  - Trustee Director and Investment Committee Member, Aviva Staff Pension Scheme. 


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