Defined Contribution


With the DC and Financial Wellbeing business, Redington is looking to play a part in helping to secure the financial futures of 100m people. Working with a range of clients across the whole DC spectrum, we think there is a better way, and so we have developed some key innovations that will set the tone for the future of DC, with the focus on achieving a better financial future for your members: from scheme design, communications and governance, through to investments and bespoke market-leading projects.

Some of the things we’re currently working on include:

  • Helping to improve the financial security of 1m members through our role as the retained consultant to an award winning UK-based Master Trust;
  • Providing members with a better understanding of what they’re getting for their money by working with an industry leading Independent Governance Committee to develop a framework to assess the Value-for-Money of their offering;
  • Implementing personalised defaults to help improve the engagement for DC members, allowing them to take active investment choices and keep an eye on their DC pension savings;
  • Using technology to help trustees gain a deeper understanding of their members, supporting them to take positive action to help their members improve their financial futures.

If you would like to know more about how we could work with you to help your DC members achieve better outcomes feel free to get in touch by using the Contact page.