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Our consultants are set apart by their understanding of clients' unique goals, objectives, constraints and responsibilities. All of our advice is offered with the specific goals of the client in mind; it is all-encompassing, and we feel it is our responsibility to consider the client's holistic needs - not simply push an investment idea.

The approach our consultants take is to start by bringing all stakeholders together to discover the needs, goals and constraints as a whole and set these out in a shared document from Day One.

Once the initial framework is in place laying out the clients needs, goals and constraints, our consultants work through the 7 Steps to Full Funding™ to consider a range of possible options for reaching their goals.

Clients who have gone through the 7 Steps to Full Funding are all better funded with less downside risk in comparison to their original strategies, and one in particular is several million pounds better off. We make sure that any advice we give is the simplest possible option to meet the goal, and presented in the clearest possible language.




Clients tell us that we bring the greatest value to the table in Step 1 of the 7 Steps to Full Funding: helping clients to set clear objectives, agree the parameters, time frames and risk budget - so that all parties are on the same page - and then laying out the right bespoke path to meet those goals.

The advice we give within each of the 7 Steps is proactive and tailored to meet the goals laid out in Step 1, the Pensions Risk Management Framework. This document focuses stakeholders' minds on the core task at hand, stimulates heathly debate, creates accountability, and provides a basis upon which decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. It forms the bedrock of the 7 Steps to Full Funding approach.


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