Every pension scheme should lay out clear goals and objectives but, of course, clients also want to understand where they are on the journey, how far they have come, how far remains, and whether or not the environment is changing and affecting the direction of travel.

iRIS is an easy-to-read, monthly or quarterly, report delivered via email, web or tablet, that, in conjunction with Step 1 of the 7 Steps to Full Funding™ and the Pensions Risk Management Framework, works like a SatNav for pension funds. With a well-defined end point programmed into it, iRIS constantly recalculates a pension fund’s route given current conditions, and provides clear calls to action to get back on track and reach its desination.


 “iRIS provides us with an overview of the risks we are running. This monthly report allows us to monitor critical components of our scheme, such as asset allocation, funding level, liquidity and collateral requirements. It’s a useful addition in the armoury of the investment committee and aids informed decision making.”

– Sharonjit Clare, Pensions Manager, SPT Telent 1972 Pension Scheme


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