About Us

Redington is an independent investment consultant to pension funds and other long-term savings institutions. Redington advises over 60 clients that are responsible for over £350bn of assets.

Investment consultancy is all we do

Our business is structurally aligned with our clients’ long-term success. Redington does not offer fiduciary or fund management services.

Total Focus on Clients’ Needs

All advice begins with building a deep understanding of each client’s unique goals, objectives, constraints and responsibilities.

Clear, Framework-Based Approach

Helping clients to stay focused, avoid distractions and make better decisions. We use a framework to get all stakeholders on the same page in order to ‘get things done’.

Delivering Better Outcomes

People at Redington are always searching for new investment ideas and risk management techniques to improve client outcomes. All clients are in control of their journey and feel confident about achieving their goals.

Sense of Responsibility

As Redington grows, the firm continues to hire people with a shared sense of responsibility, openness, clarity and long-term focus.



Our Values




We do what is right.
We don't compromise on the integrity or quality of our work.


We share ideas and opinions and welcome the ideas and opinions of others.
We do not stop learning, understanding and improving.


We take pride in the clarity of our communications.
We use transparent processes.




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