Begin with the End in Mind

All advice is offered with the client’s end in mind. It always begins with understanding each client’s unique goals, objectives, constraints and responsibilities.  

Bring All Stakeholders Together

Redington’s consultants help to bring all stakeholders together to discover the needs, goals and constraints as a whole and set these out in a shared document from Day One.

Reaching Clients' Goals

Once the initial framework laying out the client’s needs, goals and constraints is in place, clients are led through the 7 Steps to Full Funding™ to consider a range of possible options for reaching their goals.

Practical and Implementable Advice

Using the framework, consultants provide advice that fits all of the client’s requirements and is both practical and implementable. The best investment ideas are worthless unless they can be implemented.

Scientific Rigour and Attention to Detail

Clients employ Redington's consultants because they blend scientific-rigour and attention to detail with clarity, teamwork and creativity. The team consists of practically-minded problem solvers with an open attitude to creating bespoke solutions for clients.

Getting Things Done

‘Getting things done’ is what Redington’s consultants are known for. Our approach leaves clients in control and feeling confident about achieving their goals.


The 7 Steps to Full Funding

The 7 Steps to Full Funding™ is a framework we adapt to each client's needs.
Step 1 involves laying out clear goals and objectives for the client, assigning key tasks and responsibilities.
The second step involves implementing risk management tools and techniques to control and manage various sources of risk and achieve the stated goals of the client.
Steps 3-6 involve the design of an investment strategy upon an understanding of required return, risk tolerance, liquidity profile, covenant and other constraints, which are combined to create the expected returns and risk management needed to meet our client's objectives.
Finally, Step 7 delivers disciplined and regular monitoring of the strategy against the original objectives to ensure they stay on track.


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The result of the 7 Steps to Full Funding is that clients tell us they feel much more in control of their scheme, and have greater clarity about the route to success.


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