Corporate & Social Responsibility


A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.               

- Greek Proverb


At the heart of Redington is a concern about the future. How we act today and how those actions impact our futures is a topic we believe deserves profound thought and attention.

In line with those values, Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) means more to us than simply saving paper. For us, CSR permeates the core of the way we do business, brings our employees together, and helps us all to contribute our skills and advantages to the community around us.



We believe that privilege and advantage carry responsibility. Redington's specialisation is a thorough and practical knowledge of the financial world, an ability to help shape positive financial futures, and an aptitute for interacting with people to distil complex concepts and ideas into digestible information.

Although this is our business, it's also our passion. The RedSTART initiative was started to help tackle the problem of inadequate financial education for young people in the UK and beyond. Redington consultants work voluntarily in local schools to deliver the highest quality financial education to school children between the ages of 11 and 17, in order to help them appreciate how to get, keep and grow their money.


Charitable Endeavours & Sport

At any one time in Redington there is someone fundraising for a personal charitable initiative, and this is strongly encouraged by the firm. In 2012, for example, co-CEO Robert Gardner abseiled down the Shard with other high profile participants in a challenge called The Leap as part of an extreme fundraising mission organised by Commando Spirit, a charity supporting Royal Marines and their families after service. Recently, Gurjit Dehl ran the London marathon for Great Ormond Street Hospital, and a Redington team participated in the Round the Island Race.

Sport brings communities together, builds relationships and prepares young people for the hard work and determination that success in their wider lives will require. We support St Anne's Boat Club at Oxford University, and Caius College Boat Club at Cambridge University by providing funds for boating equipment and coaching. Many of our employees are currently, or formerly, competitive sportsmen and women.


Environmental Awareness

Redington's business runs with an awareness of the environment and we seek to limit the firm's environmental impact wherever possible.

  • The office is run on a paperless intranet system, minimising our paper use;
  • Office waste is all recycled;
  • Consultants use public transport to visit clients' offices;
  • Redington technology uses virtualised servers, dramatically reducing the firm's energy consumption.


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