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Consultancy: Seven business consultancies win UK Pensions Awards

11 May 2015: Spence & Partners, Mercer, PwC, Aon Hewitt, LCP, Redington and Hymans Robertson have been recognised for their excellent performance as pension advisors during the UK Pensions Awards, held last Thursday 7 May in London. The seven consultancies secured nine awards in total, with Hymans Robertson leading the pack with three.... more>


Brummell: Ones to Watch 2015: Rising stars of the City

21 Apr 2015: Brummell is proud to announce the results of the third annual Ones to Watch, in association with Armani – a celebration of bright young talent in London’s financial-services sector and related fields... more>


IPE: Lessons learned on the UK Invensys Pension Scheme

02 Dec 2014: Robin Claessens, former chief executive and CIO of the UK’s Invensys Pension Scheme, talks about the lessons he learned overhauling its management structures... more>


Portfolio Institutional: What to do about tightening credit spreads?

21 Nov 2014: Attractive credit opportunities have become tougher to find as spreads tighten. However, there are ways to deal with this to increase returns... more>


Portfolio Institutional: An unhappy comparison?

19 Nov 2014: An unhappy comparison?... more>


Alpha Sight Video: Three considerations for equity protection

18 Nov 2014: In this AlphaSight update, Redington’s Dan Mikulskis discusses client fears over equity market shocks and the growing appeal for protection strategies... more>


Pensions Expert: Rapidly shrinking yields leave investors needing more complex mandates

19 Nov 2014: Rob Gardner turns his attention to pension funds' fixed income allocations and how to answer their hunger for yield... more>


Financial News: Five implications of China opening up its equity market 

13 Nov 2014: Guest Comment by Steven Yang Yu, co-head of asset-liability management and investment strategy, Redington... more>


Pensions Expert: Unilever swaps asset allocation approach to focus on outcomes

13 Nov 2014: Consumer goods giant Unilever's pension fund has adopted an outcome-led investment approach split into five key objectives, jettisoning its previous focus on asset allocation in a bid to avoid short-termism... more>


Financial News: FN Extra Mile 40: Young achievers – Teaching teens finance

10 Nov 2014: FN Extra Mile 40: Young achievers – Teaching teens finance ... more>


Financial News: FN Extra Mile 40: Celebrating the true heroes of finance

10 Nov 2014: Generosity, selflessness and goodwill are not exactly the first words that spring to mind when describing the City. But the FN Extra Mile 40 list may just start to challenge those preconceptions. ... more> 


Financial Times: Trade unions condemn tax avoidance

09 Nov 2014: Trade unions condemn tax avoidance... more> 


Actuarial Post: Top 30 Under 30 Actuaries of the Future

04 Nov 2014: After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Mathematics from Cambridge University, Alex White joined Redington's award winning team of quantitative analyst in 2011... more>


The Economist: A New Strategy Reduces Pension Funds' Risks, but It has a Cost

01 Nov 2014: PITY the pension-fund manager. Cash pays close to zero in many developed economies and ten-year Treasury bonds offer a yield of 2.3%. But many managers need much higher returns if they are to pay the benefits they have promised. That forces them to pile into equities, despite the risks of big bear markets like 2001-02 or 2008-09, not to mention minor scares like mid-October’s wobble... more >


IPE: Risk – beyond the numbers

31 Oct 2014: Risk can always be reduced to a set of numbers. But trustees play an important role both in setting the right risk objectives and in interpreting the signals, writes Gail Moss...more>


This is Money: Global Markets Vulnerable to Sudden Shocks: Five Professional Investors Reveal What Gives Them the Fear for Next Year

31 Oct 2014: The scary movie arrived before Halloween for investors when markets were spooked in the middle of October. Halloween could still deliver a horrible end to October... more >


Portfolio Institutional: Alternatives to Fiduciary Management: Opening Up the Debate

17 Oct 2014: Fiduciary management is on the rise in the UK after migrating from mainland Europe. As it grows in popularity with UK defined benefit schemes, the benefits and concerns of adopting FM is coming under greater scrutiny... more >


Mandate Wire: Consultant: Demand for Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategies on the Rise

07 Oct 2014: Most pension funds are implementing some form of dynamic asset allocation strategy with a view to managing downside risk and protect funding levels. To this end, risk-focused asset allocation approaches, whether implemented in a discretionary or systematic fashion, will garner the most interest going forward, says Aniket Das, vice president, manager research team at Redington... more >


Professional Pensions: Finding Value in a Market of Strong Performers

18 Sep 2014: Finding value in a market of strong performers... more >


Chief Investment Officer: The Knowledge Brokers

17 Sep 2014: CIO magazine has revealed the World’s Top 25 “Knowledge Brokers” – Rob has been named #7! Second year in a row. Find out how each would design a hypothetical portfolio for a new sovereign wealth fund, plus what their most overused phrase is! Well worth a read to see what other top consultants are thinking and drinking... more >


Professional Pensions: Schemes Must Diversify in the Face of Global Instability

11 Sep 2014: Schemes Must Diversify in the Face of Global Instability... more >


Financial Times: In Search of the Flexible-Working Utopia

07 Sep 2014: In Search of the Flexible-Working Utopia... more >


Financial News: Meet the 2014 Rising Stars of Asset Management

01 Sep 2014: Bullish capital markets and large inflows of new assets in the past 12 months have provided an opportunity for Europe’s asset management industry to shake off post-crisis nerviness and establish a more solid footing... more >


Pensions Expert: The Review: Are Schemes Choosing Smart Beta Over Hedge Funds?

11 Aug 2014: Video: Redington's Aniket Das and Fulcrum Asset Management's Suhail Shaikh discuss scheme interest in smart beta multi-asset investments and the pros and cons of the strategy as a hedge fund alternative... more >


Chief Investment Officer: How Rate Increases Could Push Liabilities Higher

07 Aug 2014: Many pension fund CIOs around the world are waiting for central banks to raise interest rates, but research has shown that these increases may actually make their liabilities worse, not better... more >


HFM Week: Redington Building Out 'Favoured' CTA List

07 Aug 2014: Redington Building Out 'Favoured' CTA List... more >


Pensions Expert: Gardner: How to Win by Not Losing

30 Jul 2014: Talking head: Redington's Rob Gardner analyses the state of pension funds' growth assets, arguing that in an environment where many assets look expensive, reward can be found through focusing on reducing downside.... more >


Financial News: Financial News 2014 Asset Management Awards Shortlist

29 Jul 2014: Shortlisted candidates for this year’s Awards for Excellence in Institutional Asset Management have had to navigate some tricky trends in the market... more >


The Guardian: Lessons in Finance: Schoolchildren Taught the Value of Everything

22 Jul 2014: When secondary schools return from the summer break, pupils will be taught saving, budgeting and public spending as part of the national curriculum... more >


Chief Investment Officer: High Yield Still the Sharpest Place to Be—But For How Long?

18 Jul 2014: Redington’s quarterly risk-adjusted returns report shows high yield has dominated in the short term, but risk parity was the long-term winner... more>


Pensions Expert: Social housing, following allocation by Barking & Dagenham

17 Jul 2014: The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Pension Fund plans to invest around £25m in social housing in order to hedge against inflation and diversify away from traditional assets... more> 


Financial News: FN 100 List of Most Influential People in Europe’s Capital Markets

07 Jul 2014: This is Financial News's 10th annual pick of the most influential men and women working in Europe's capital markets... more>


IPE: Top 400 - The Essential C-word in Investment Management

04 Jun 2014: Over the last few years, a number of previously successful asset management firms have blown up spectacularly, unexpectedly tripped up, or surprised us all in... more >


Pensions Expert: Why you shouldn't sit on your hands waiting for a rate rise

28 May 2014: Waiting for an interest rate rise feels more and  more like waiting for Godot. Bond markets have priced in rate hikes on several occasions since the global financial crisis only for policy messengers to... more >


IPE Real Estate: Redington Wins Best Investment Consultancy IP Real Estate Global Awards

15 May 2014: The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) once again won Best Global Real Estate Investor at the IP Real Estate Global Awards 2014 in Munich. The North American institution, which... more >


aiCIO: How to re-risk the right way

17 April 2014 Back in May, aiCIO sat down with the European members of our Forty Under Forty to discuss the pressing issues that face the next generation of uber-investors. more >


Pensions Expert: Why your biggest risk is ignoring your liabilities

09 April 2014 So far, this year has been a challenging one for making investment decisions. We have seen an upheaval in emerging markets. Credit spreads have continued to tighten, which... more >


Financial News: Banks face capital hit from EU pensions rule

07 April 2014 Pensions consultancy Redington has calculated the requirement as £12 ... The provisions are “far more punitive than the pension trustees' ... more >


Financial Times: Financial school of thought questioned 

06 April 2014 Financial school of thought is questioned... more >


Financial News: Risk parity strategies on the rise

13 April 2014 Aniket Das, a vice president on consultancy Redington's manager research team, said: “If banks are selling similar products directly to pension ... more >


aiCIO: Is re-investment risk being ignored?

19 March 2014 Pension funds are facing a tricky balancing act between fighting illiquidity risk and reinvestment risk, according to a white paper from UK consultants Redington. more >


eFinancial News: Redington Appoints Lord Hutton as Advisor

17 Jan 2014 UK consultant Redington has appointed Labour politician and former Department of Work & Pensions Secretary Lord Hutton of Furness as an adviser. more >



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