"When we were looking for a new advisor, we were looking for new thinking, challenge and disciplined risk management approach. The Pension Risk Management Framework has put us in control of the investment risk in our scheme. I have no doubts about hiring Redington" 

- Penny Green, Chief Executive and Managing Director, SAUL Trustee Company


"Redington helped the Trustees to apply a collaborative and integrated approach to Scheme funding by bringing together investment, actuarial and covenant advice in a coherent manner. The clear framework adopted helped both the Trustees and Sponsor to have transparent discussions and reach a win-win outcome, resulting in a deficit repair plan that was affordable, coupled with the continuation of the sensible risk monitoring arrangements that have served the Plan well for the past few years."

- Rita Powell, Chairman of Trustees, GHG Pension Plan


"The integrated funding framework enabled us to  clearly understand Trustees' position and helped me convince my shareholders of the rationale for implementing a funding solution which is reasonable and aimed at achieving a common objective for the scheme."

- Craig Loveless, GHG Pension Plan


"Redington brought a different approach which has shifted our mindset from an asset focus to one of funding level and risk management. At first this appeared counterintuitive, however the building of our own Pension Risk Management Framework has give us much greater clarity. I am a convert now."

- Dennis Buckley, Chair of the Investment Committee, SAUL Trustee Company