Bite-Sized: The Road Less Travelled

This Ampersand bite-size offering brings to you key insight into the development of consolidators and whether they can be good for your members.

New Offerings on Consolidations

Until now, deciding on the endgame for DB trustees boiled down to a choice between aiming for
buy-out or planning for a long-term run-off under self-sufficiency. Now a market is developing
around a new, third option – transfer to a consolidator.

Consolidation is not a new idea. The launch of Clara and The Pensions Super Fund have increased
focus on this sector because, while the two propositions differ in many ways, they both provide a
genuinely new and different option to trustees and corporate sponsors — the ability to sever the
ties to a corporate sponsor, at a price that is less than full buy-out.

Could this road less travelled lead to a better endgame?

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