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To deliver world class pensions to your employees, you need to hold yourself to account and have a holistic view of how your schemes are delivering value to their members across multiple geographies.

The complexity lies in legacy systems and complex data sets that underpin these pension schemes, and the complexity of needs that each country has for their members. With the enormous networks that lie within company pension systems, the duty to provide provable value, transparency, versatility, alignment and partnership has never been greater.

With its clear, concise and powerful interface, the ADA Global dashboard provides easy plug and play access for the high level of accountability, collaboration and reporting expected by pension teams and scheme members of today.

Simple and concise control has never been more important.

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Adam Jones

We set out with a clear remit. Use ADA to give deep and meaningful insight into Ford’s pensions globally and use data analytics to answer killer questions and provide actionable intelligence to the Ford team. In order to do this we have delivered a world first view of pensions data and have done so working in an agile way directly with our clients at Ford. The team have achieved great things.

Adam Jones
CTO, Redington

Changing up a gear for Ford Motor Company

In 2019 we embarked on a journey to help Ford take a futuristic vision and bring it to life.

With Ford’s clear objective to deliver world class pensions to all its employees, we developed a way in which they can be held to account and introduce a clear and objective way of comparing all of their schemes across multiple continents.

By evaluating over 120 pension schemes across 36 countries, Ford now have a holistic view of their schemes and data around the world and brought true value and better outcomes to their members.

Oliver Payne

We chose Redington to deliver the pensions data analytics solution for Ford as Redington stood out with their approach to software development, client engagement and their ability to tailor ADA to meet our needs.

In particular, they built a prototype as part of their RFP response which allowed me to see Redington’s technical abilities, potential scope of the product and visualise where we could take it. We are delighted to be delivering this global first for pensions with Redington which will help us to identify ways of improving retirement outcomes for Ford’s 400,000+ pensions plan members around the world, improve Governance of our pension plans and identify where Ford gets the best value for money from its pension plans.

Having the joint expertise of Redington’s technology and consulting teams was crucial for this project and their open and collaborative approach to the project helped achieve the best outcome for Ford in a short time frame.

Oliver Payne
European Pensions Manager, Ford Motor Company

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