ESG : Interviews

As part of the launch of ‘ESG: past, present and future’ in association with The PPI, Redington hosted an event and interviewed key spokespeople about ESG.


“I don’t think there are barriers, I think we create our own barriers” Ruston Smith, Chairman of the Tesco Pension Fund & Tesco Pension Investment Limited


“There has been nervousness about what ESG means but we can see that changing in the next year or so” Lydia Fearn, Head of DC Pensions and Wellbeing at Redington


“Trustees should contribute to the conversation about ESG…they are the voice of the members”, David Farrar Senior Policy Manager DWP


“A simple guide to best practice is to have a look at what the best performing schemes and asset managers are doing… there’s so much learning to be done on a peer-to-peer basis ” Catherine Howarth, CEO of Share Action 


“The massive increase in number of people who are now in pensions schemes means that ESG is much more important to a much wider group of people” Chris Curry, Director at the Pensions Policy Institute


“We think that ESG risks are financially material, they are important risks that trustees should consider. It is an integral part of our advice to our clients within our overall role as a trusted advisor” Honor Fell, Vice President, Redington


“We hope decision-makers take away from the report that it’s now very important to thoroughly consider ESG factors when it comes to investment decision-making”  Jonathan Parker, Director at Redington