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Financial decisions are rooted in fact. But we recognise that they’re also influenced by emotion – that’s what sets us apart. At the core is ROSIE – our proven process designed to deliver the best outcome.

Of course, we study the numbers to give you an honest view of your financial position. But we also gather the views of everyone who can influence the fund. That way, we can be sure we understand every aspect of your decision-making.
Before we can map the way to achieving your objectives, we need to understand what they are. We’ll help you define your goals, and set a time frame in which to achieve them. Then we summarise everything in a single page, so it’s always easy to check if everything’s on track.
We’ll help you define your fundamental investment principles so we can apply them to any investment recommendations we make. Then we detail investment strategies, and explain which ones best suit your objectives, and why.
With the strategy set, we implement a process to screen, select and monitor managers against your principles and objectives. This makes sure investment strategy informs manager selection, not the other way around.
We continually report on how things are going. Often, this involves detailed breakdowns and in-depth analysis. But we never lose sight of our most important measure of success – the objectives we set out on that single page, and your progress against them.
Alex Lindenberg, Redington, Investment Consultancy London


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The best measure of what we do? The things we’ve done, plus your imagination. There’s no menu – everything starts with fresh thinking.

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