Two men, one vision

and a lot of late night lattes

Redington co-founders Robert Gardner and Dawid Konotey-Ahulu started Redington with a vision: to transform people’s experience of saving for retirement from fear and uncertainty to clarity, confidence and control.

Over a decade later, two employees have become scores, and millions look forward to a more secure future because Robert and Dawid dared to do things differently.

Many more will follow, as we continue our vision to help 100 million people enjoy a financially secure retirement.

Here’s to the future.

Financial Foresight

before their first paper round

Through our financial education programme, RedSTART, we’re teaching young people about managing their finances, so they can make informed decisions from the moment they earn their first pay packet.



it's in our DNA

Corporate and social responsibility means more to us than saving paper and choosing a charity of the month. It goes to the very core of the way we do business, and supports the community around us.

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